My dog, who sleeps on the bed, gets the growlies at my husband when he comes to bed.

Letting a dog sleep on the bed can result in relinquishing the leader position in the “Leader / Follower” relationship. Canines are wired by nature to defer to the pack leader. Privileges of the leader are to eat first, best spot to sleep and mating rights. Subordinate dogs always seek higher office.

When you allow bed privileges you elevate him to a leader position, above the husband in this situation and the dog’s growling is an attempt to defend his new improved position. In this situation, never attempt to remove the doggie from the bed by your hands, bites can happen.

The solution is to attach a short (3-5 foot) “lead line” to the dog’s collar before he gets upon the bed. Have the husband approach the bed with some “high value” treats (small chicken , liver or hot dog pieces). Offer the treats, but only provide them when all four paws are on the floor. If needed use light tugs on the lead line. Do not pull the dog or drag him off the bed and provide the treats when dog is on the floor. Both members of the couple need to do this training to teach the dog that he/she sleeps on the floor or in a crate with manna from heaven (treats) making this condition “doggie heaven”. Everyone, especially the wife, in this situation must not provide any positive reinforcement, food, petting, verbal, toys or other stuff, if the dog is on the bed.