Behavior Consultations

Private Dog Training/Behavior Consultations

We offer private behavior consultations and training with dogs for whom classes are not appropriate. Lloyd Aguero will your evaluate your dog on an individual basis, either at his office or in your home..  Some of the problems we can help you with are:

  • Separation anxiety
  • Excessive barking
  • Food/toy guarding
  • Aggression toward other dogs
  • Aggression toward people
  • Introducing dogs to new family members such as babies or new pets

Please call us at 703-759-3129 for a preliminary consultation and to set up an appointment.

What is the difference between a dog trainer and an applied canine problem behavior consultant? A “dog trainer” can train a dog to do basic obedience commands such as “sit”, “down”, and “come”.  A behavior consultant, or behaviorist, has 10-12 years of education and college coursework and can work with you on shaping and changing your dog’s behaviors, such as the ones listed above.

What can I expect during my and my dog’s behavior consultation? A behavior consultation identifies the factors (environment, family, etc.) influencing your dog’s unwanted behavior via an interview with you and observation of your dog. The result is a Behavior Shaping Game Plan, which, when implemented daily by you, will interrupt the cues driving the unwanted behavior.  You will notice more acceptable behavior developing, displacing the old.

Sounds complicated! Not at all!  The Behavior Shaping Game Plan is simple and can be accomplished by any dog owner.  Lloyd Aguero will work with you on each step and the reasons these steps will help your dog.

What if I need additional help/encouragement along the way? After your initial consultation and development of your Behavior Shaping Game Plan, Lloyd Aguero is available by phone or email to address any question or concerns you have.  Just give him a call and he’ll talk you through your issues at no charge!

Should I bring my dog to a training class? After your initial behavior consultation, you and Lloyd will decide whether coming to class is appropriate for you and your dog.


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