Beginner Class: “Puppy Class” for all ages

It Is Never Too Late For You Or Your Dog To Learn

Is your dog the social manager of your home? Do you dread taking your dog for walks or inviting people over due to your dog’s behavior? Our training classes are offered to provide supervised dog socialization / playtime and training to provide the required leader (you) follower (dog) relationship to address these issues and many more.

  • Class is for dogs of all ages and people
  • Learn the basics of training
    • Sit, Down, Wait, Stay, Come, Off
    • Controlled meeting of new people and other dogs
    • Walking with a lose leash (eliminate pulling)
    • Eliminating jumping up
    • Ability to be handled (allowing humans [owner, family members, Vet…] to touch and examine without resistance)
  • Learn how to properly communicate with your dog and develop confidence in the relationship
  • Dog socialization/play- learn or improve doggie to doggie manners
  • Advice on any issues you are trying to resolve
    • House training
    • Inappropriate barking
    • Food or toy related aggression (Resource guarding)
    • Inappropriate chewing
    • Whatever you want help with

The first class in each 8-week session is FREE OF CHARGE, so you may get to know us and our methods before you decide to attend class with your dog.

Our next class will begin on June 10, 2017. Contact us for more information.

Off-Leash Readiness

Take The Basics To The Next Level

Now that you and your dog have learned to communicate and some basics, you may want to strengthen the behaviors and gain further confidence in preparation for working off-leash

In this class, students learn how to begin to control their dog when he or she is off their leash. Dogs and people will take concepts such as “stay” and “come” to the next level.

Initially with the leash on for safety, with the goal for you to have the confidence to drop the lead and your dog behave properly.

Please contact us for information on when our next class is starting – we allow you to join a class up to lesson #3, so give us a call!


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